Here's to 2015

Well, here we go. Another year for dreams, reality, laughter and sadness. And trust me, they'll be plenty of it. The last year has been insanely crazy for me. It's a year ago that I did my first fashion shoot with Arrow Divine in the woods near where we live. Sarah asked me if I wanted to do a shoot with her, as I knew her sister and she'd seen some of my work, so I just went for it. Sarah and I still work closely together, and I have shot all the campaigns since she started. 

Since then, It's been a snowball effect. I didn't even imagine I'd be getting flown to shoot in exotic places untill at least 3-4 years into photography. It's funny because people say to me 'Hey, you're a photographer yeah?' and I still don't consider myself one because I havn't done it for very long at all. I didn't grow up dreaming of taking photos, I grew up dreaming of being amongst the ocean and having a career that enables me to centre my lifestyle around the water. Which is quickly becoming my reality. 

The biggest thing I've learnt from last year is that this industry is different to how people think it is. It's tough, but very rewarding. I had to learn to grow up very quickly in a year, going from never sending an invoice in my life, to learning about taxes and all the dirty work that really isn't all that fun! Photography isn't all smooth sailing, but I guess hard work really does pay off, and you have to go through those lows to bring out the highs! Like winning the 2014 Pedestrian Photo of the Year award! That was an insane high. You can see me in the photo below with a big grin...

This year I want to take things a notch higher. But I also want to have a better work flow and thought process as to how to approach my shoots. Essentially, I'm a photographer who puts the clients needs in front of my own, after all, they are employing me to bring their vision to life through the medium of photography. Which is something I think is important. And something I will continue to do this year, along with adding my twist and input to things. I think that's how it should work. And I definitely want to do more personal work this year. Ohhh yesss. So if you're a budding mermaid and want to play, hit me up! 

I want to think more, do more and be more this year. Be more connected with myself and my work, and find inspiration from places I didn't know existed...

But for now, pass the wine please... It's still the festive season isn't it?

Here's to 2015


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