Slow Paced

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I packed up the car and headed down the West Coast. Our recent joint work with travel company Riparide meant we were able to stay in the magical Tipee overlooking Bells Beach. Kangaroos littered the front yard and there was silence for miles, it was utter bliss. I hardly touched my camera the entire few days (except for some sneaky shots on the Great Ocean Road!) and Hayden was shooting lot's of film!

I need trips like this every so often to refresh my mind. Finding motivation and inspiration is a huge part of creativity and these few days away definitely did just that. I find it very cool that your mindset can change depending on your location and surroundings. I could drive along that coast for hours, I didn't want to stop. There's something intriguing about what the next stretch of coastline will bring just around the corner. 

As always, being a photog I hardly ever get photos of myself away, but lucky for me, H is also photographer and a bloody good one at that.



Caitlin MiersComment