Made it to BALI

I'm here. I'm sweaty, I'm hot, I'm drinking Bintangs like it's water, but I'm here. I'm in this magical, sizzling, ferocious yet ambitious little island called Bali, and it feels, to be perfectly honest, a little strange to call it home. I've done flash Bali before, oh yes, Potato Head for days, sipping the most glorious cocktails you could lay your eyes on, hitting each little trendy cafe spot I've found on Instagram like it's going out of fashion. Paying $25 to go to a beach that's likely to give you Cancer coz the sun is shinin so god damn bright. Oh yes, I've done flash Bali before.

BUT, this trip ain't no holiday. No girl. Head to the supermarket coz you're on rice and veggies for the next 6 nights. That laptop is coming out and oh, what, you have a TO DO LIST?! This little transition isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world. Yeah, I've landed smack bam in the middle of Paradise, but this is my reality now, and everyone knows you can't escape reality.

SO, let me tell you about my first few days here... I have been eaten by more mosquito's then possibly possible. That's why I carry my trusty Bushman's around and I now, for 90% of the day, smell like a walking hospital. I've also hopped on a 'Scoopy' for the first time and now can FINALLY know what it feels like to be stuck in the middle of a traffice jam on Jl. Raya Seminyak. As my first experience living out of home, I proudly find myself vibering my mother 'what is the best way to steam veggies with no microwave or steamer basket' and have googled 'How do I post something to another country from Bali' about 99 times with little luck. Having said this, I've also travelled to Bingin to shoot a beautiful edgy campaign for The Lovers and Drifters Club on my second day here. I've met some of the most creative and happy souls living on this earth, found a place that serves better tasting coffee then I can find in Melbourne, and have worked out some very exciting collaborations and jobs in the next month that are going to keep me busy busy! Hayden and I are pretty stoked to now call Bali home, and within a few more weeks I'm sure we could probably even brush our teeth with the tap water!!! (yeaahhhhhh righttttttt)

I'll just leave these photos here. 


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